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Before Team Three, there was The Blackout.

In the space of ten hours, civilization was gone...

Their parents were survivors of World War Last. Children of The Vista have become guardians of the secluded valley they call home. Wanderlust will take them out into a land they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally blurs.

Backlash - Introducing Team Three

Facing an unknown adversary that threatens to wreak havoc across what little humanity remains, they must rely on their unusual abilities, and hope they're strong enough to stop the chaos.

The first to join Security, Mac is an outsider despite knowing he's as different as his partners. All three are Gen En, genetically enhanced, and he understands it's not a safe thing to be.

Wade is their unofficial leader. Few people outside the team gain his trust, making him seem difficult and distant. He's protecting everyone by hiding what they are.

As the Scout, Shannon keeps watch on the long-abandoned roadways. This gives her time to consider what might exist beyond Montana. More curious than afraid, she wants to see for herself.

Together, they are unstoppable. Their enemies are gathering and know the secrets they hide.

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The Wildblood Series

A Post-Apocalyptic Action Adventure

No one was certain what started the war, the big one.
What came next was fueled by rage and fear.

People of The Vista understood their children would be different, growing up in a place that only resembled civilization. A handful kept a dark secret, that a few were something else, something of urban legend. Fighting to survive the harsh elements of Montana, and the feral remnants of humanity, the rumors were forgotten by most.

Welcome to the world of The Wildblood.

Trust is dangerous; ignorance is deadly.

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The Vista Renegades Book 3

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Reader Reviews

"Wow. What a prequel. Can't wait to get my teeth into the series proper."

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"This was definitely worth the read. I would recommend this book to all who love this genre as I do."

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"I like dystopian fiction, and this delivers in spades. A great romp through a wasteland read, with great characters woven in to make things interesting."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Kept me reading to the end. Was a good introduction to the start of an interesting series. The development of characters was creative and drew you into their lives."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I didn't find a dull moment in the novella. The story was full of action and suspense. More back story with the characters"

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"This draws you right in from the first page."

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